Now from the Top

Now from the Top

{Location: Washington Rock State Park, Green Brook Township, New Jersey}

{Shot with: Pro HDR on my iPhone 4S}

{Editing and Adjustments: Snapseed, Moku Hanga, and Pic Grunger}


20 thoughts on “Now from the Top

  1. Somehow reminds me of late 1930’s commercial graphics. Stunning colours. Really rich and glorious.

    Did you ever think of making these available as paid-for downloads for iPhone/iPad wallpapers?

    I’ll be first customer if you do

    • Thank you very much for the kind words Peter, I apprecaite them 🙂 As far as making my images available as wallpapers, I would have no clue where to begin on making that happen. I am however in the process of making my images available as prints! These are exciting times!

  2. Hey SomeGirl liked my post…thanks! And thanks for leading me to this one of yours – I like it! Good luck to you with venturing into print sales – it’s a whole ‘nother bucket of fun (and work).

    • Thank you! I am excited to get my little online “shop” up and running 😀 Hmmmm, I wonder if I will have any customers when it’s all set?! 🙂 hehe

  3. Great work! You were fortunate to get such an interesting cloudy sky that day. It, along with the waves of the greenery make for a image that appears Post-Impressionist. I wonder, which effect applies this painterly look? It’s the most convincing that I’ve ever seen.

  4. The iPhone has definitely opened up a whole new medium within a medium and you are doing a fantastic job at handling it. Thanks for posting those related pictures – great app effects indeed. I am enjoying the time spent looking at your work; it’s especially great to see imagery from the east coast.


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