Seaside Moonlight

Seaside Moonlight

{Location: LBI, New Jersey}

{Shot with: iPhone 4S}

{Editing: Snapseed, PhotoToaster and ShockMyPic}


8 thoughts on “Seaside Moonlight

      • No problem, it’s very creative. Is it just an ap, or a software package? I met a dude over the weekend with a Nikon D800 (which you can’t even get it’s so new) and I tried to make idle chit chat. Apparently he wasn’t much having it, assuming I must be some peasant with my D40. It’s people like that, that give photography a bad name. I love your shots, and it’s amazing what you can do even with a compact camera phone when you have skillz! 🙂

      • Thank you so much Charlie!!
        ShockMyPic is a 99 cent iPhone app that gives the paint stroke effect to the image. I used 2 other photography apps on my iPhone for cropping and adjustments as well before I used the ShockMyPic’s filter on it. iPhone’s really are amazing on the go cameras — you can snap, adjust, and edit your image right on it, and even upload the picture to wordpress all right on there 🙂 I love it!

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